People often call me looking for tips and answers on recording and mixing, and even asking specifically about lessons. So I am conducting workshops to meet this demand for practical, comprehensive help with their specific mixing and production needs.

Many of the current engineering schools teach software usage and very generalized audio recording and mixing practices in a setting and on gear that you probably won’t have when you return to your own studio. My workshops are intense, focused sessions that will teach you specific mixing, recording and production skills to will enable you to achieve better-sounding production in your own studio, no matter what platform or gear you are using. It’s not about gear, it’s about knowledge and techniques. It’s about how you think about what you’re doing. It is not top-down education, but bottom-up education.

Each workshop is conducted by me at one of two locations depending on the group I’m teaching: either my studio The Zone just North of Atlanta in Norcross, where I’ve been turning out many songs you’ve heard over the years- or Moon Shade Hollow, my newer destination studio / film location. These limited attendance workshops are your opportunity to learn the tips and tricks that enable success - the very techniques I’ve used in my own home-based studio to record and mix hit songs , practices that can be applied to any situation, in any setting.

The Workshops
While each workshop will be designed around the needs of the attendees (for instance, I won’t be trying to address live drum micing / recording with hip-hop mixing in the same workshop), here is a list of topics to choose from that I teach:

Mixing Workshop:
These are 1 day workshops. They are intense sessions that focus on mixing techniques. Workshop sizes will be limited to small groups, so each workshop will be customized to the needs of those attending based on the requests they make when signing up. Some of the subjects to be taught in the workshops are:
• EQ
• Compression
• Routing and use of FX
• Editing
• Understanding and dealing with phase
• Signal routing
• Automation balancing
• Problem solving
• Critical listening
• Proper monitoring and listening techniques
• Various tips and tricks
and much more.......
You will learn about the deeper theories and philosophies of mixing and engineering that you can’t get from anyone else.

You will also be able to bring in your work (Protools, Logic and Ableton Live sessions or WAV files) and I will critiqued it as well as provide detailed instruction on how to improve it.

Recording Workshop:
During this workshop we will be recording and mixing one song from beginning to end. These will either be 1 day workshops (for hip-hop and pop music) or 2 day workshops (for live bands). We will explore in detail the following elements of recording and mixing:
• Drum tuning (for bands)
• Microphone placement and use
• Choice and use of Microphone preamps
• Dealing with phase on multi mic’d instruments (drums, guitars)
• Recording techniques
• Work flow
• Handling the musicians
• Mixing
• Weird stuff that only an old guy like me would know, having gone through the days of analog and limited sound tools (ie - no plug ins, digital synths, etc)

Private Workshops:
These Workshops are just for you. There is of course no minimum number of attendees. We will work on whatever you need help with and whatever you need to learn. While these workshops are not meant to be a substitute for actual sessions, we will be recording and mixing.

Of course these are just suggestions... you tell me what you want to learn or tell me what you’re having problems with and we will address those topics.

Schedule: The classes will be booked as demand dictates and as fits with my current mixing and production schedule.

In addition to these workshops I offer project consultation and personal workshops in your own studio on your own gear.


Sometimes people need help with their own studios..... more to come soon.