I have 30 years of experience engineering records in multiple genres and in many different studio environments. I started out on a 4 track analog tape machine and worked my way through just about every digital format that has come out.

I also own 2 studios in the Atlanta area:

The Zone - Hidden in an unassuming suburb North of Atlanta I have my studio, The Zone.  In the mid to late 90s an epic series of sessions at The Zone culminated in the release of a compilation album called “Full Contact Sports”, featuring many of the artists and producers that went on to defined Southern Rap and what we now know as Crunk Music.  In spite of heavy local airplay “Full Contact Sports” was never distributed outside of Georgia, but it was a catalyst of the subsequent explosive success of those ground-breaking music creators, and cemented The Zone’s status as a legendary institution in the Atlanta music recording scene.  The Zone is still operating today, serving every genre of music with the same dedication to top quality recording, innovative approaches and personalized service.
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Moon Shade Hollow - Nestled in the Appalachian foothills next to a small private lake, an hour North of Atlanta is my new destination recording studio and film/video location, Moon Shade Hollow.  Many of the artists that work here come and stay for days and sometimes weeks, as we provide lodging also.   The ideal mix of top-notch music production and gorgeous natural beauty, Moon Shade Hollow is the perfect place to focus on your creative project.
Moon Shade Hollow Website - moonshadehollow.com
Moon Shade Hollow Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/moonshadehollow

I am also available to travel to other studios when needed.