Billy Hume Mixing - How It Works

Contact me
Send me an email through my Quote Request Form. If you have an MP3 of your rough/current mix include that as well. I will review the information you send in your quote request and listen to your MP3. I will then contact you to start a dialog about your needs, budget and schedule.

Prepare Your Session / Files
You will need to prepare your Protools session or files in order for me to efficiently mix your song(s). I have detailed instructions on how to do this on my 'Preparing Your Audio For Mixing Page'. I also have instructions available as a downloadable PDF available on my Downloads page.

Send Your Files
Next you will need to send me your files. I suggest using but Dropbox will work as well.
After I receive your session files I will open them up to make sure everything is in order. If everything is alright then I will begin mixing immediately if it is a rush job, or I will put it in the queue.

I will mix the song until it is up to my standards. Then I will send you an MP3 to review. Once you've had a chance to listen to it, if there are any changes you want to make simply call or email me with your mix revision requests. I will make those changes and send you another updated mix. You will review the updated mix and if needed send me anymore mix revisions. We can repeat this process until you are satisfied with the mix.
Local clients may attend mix sessions for reviews and tweaks.

Once your mix is completed I will send you 24-bit final mixes of your song in the following formats:
• Main Mix
• Clean Mix (if there are any words that are inappropriate for radio you will need this version)
• Instrumental
• Acapella
• Show Mix (if needed - Main Mix minus lead vocals)
I can send the files directly to you or to mastering if you prefer.

Mixing and mastering are unique skills. I usually refer my mix clients to top level mastering engineers whom I trust and have worked with before. However, if the budget does not allow for the added expense of mastering, I can include a mastered version with the mix.

• A 50% deposit is required prior to the commencement of mixing. The balance is due upon your approval of all final mixes. No masters will be delivered until all fees are paid in full.
• The fee you will be quoted is for mixing only (unless other arrangements have been made). If there is any additional tracking, editing, vocal tuning or file clean up that needs to happen I will contact you and discuss the available options.
• We will hold your session files on our hard drives for 6 months, after which they may be deleted. We suggest that you make multiple copies of the media for storage.
• Payment Types: I accept cash, Paypal, credit card and check (unless we have a P.O. number, we will hold final Masters until check is cleared).
Billy Hume Mixing